Character Dinner Disneyworld

One of the first things we did when we arrived in Orlando was go to a character dinner.  It was with Cinderella, the step mother, the step sisters, and prince charming.  It was a lot of fun.  Madison loved it.  We had to go and buy a cinderella doll soon after at the World of Disney.

Maycie's Blessing Day/Mother's Day

All the Grandkids
Cammack Family
Muir Grandparents
McOmie Family
Miller Family
Tamayo Family
It was so speacial to have Maycie blessed on Mother's day.  What better gift is there?  Madison was also blessed on Mother's day.  We had a nice brunch after and lots of time to enjoy family.  I love when all our familiesare together.  Always a good time.

Susan G Komen

This is our third year to complete the 5K walk to support breast cancer awareness.  I can't express how moving it is to hear people's stories and to support all the women and families affected with this disease.  Madison has completed the walk all  three years with me and it was Maycie's first year.  It is such a nice tradition on Mother's Day weekend to celebrate women.  I can't wait for next year.

Happy Easter!!!

This Easter was pretty laid back, being that we had a new baby.  However, we were still able to enjoy family and the outside a little.  Madison enjoyed her basket, and she enjoyed Maycie's too :)  Maycie chose to sleep through Easter morning.

Then off to the Grandparent's house for Easter dinner and an Easter egg hunt.  Lots of candy and lots of money to be had by all the kids.
 Madison chose to wear a pull-up this day.  She also would not leave the house without wearing her new Easter outfit which is slightly large and more for summer.  Well this is what resulted.  While running for eggs, her pants kept falling, and so did she.  Poor girl!

Easter Eggs

Dying Easter Eggs with all the family can get quite chaotic.  I am just glad that it was at the grandparents house and not mine :)  Madison enjoyedplopping the eggs in the dye, but she did not enjoy eating them.  Hard boiled eggs are not a favorite!  The kids also frosted cookies, which Madison enjoyed eating much much more.

Valentine's Day 2011

This Valentine's Day, we went bowling with all the cousins on my side of the family.  Madison, although she does not look happy, really likes to bowl.  So do all the cousins. 
Here is Grandma helping Madison get the ball down the lane. 

Our New Maycie Ann

Maycie was 7 lbs and 4 oz
Born on Saturday, April 9th. 
These pictures were taken at four days old.  So cute!!!